At alphaline, our mission is to democratize access to trading bots, making them a powerful and accessible tool for communities, DAOs, and other ecosystem participants. We envision a future where trading bots are seamlessly integrated into communities on Solana. With alphaline, communities can issue Telegram trading bots without the burdens of infrastructure and cost while enabling traders to engage with bots issued by their favourite communities. To begin, it's important to make a clear distinction between the different areas of alphaline:

  • Alphaline, INC: Categorized as a "bots-as-a-service" company in charge of providing Telegram trading bots to 3rd party communities on Solana. Alphaline develops and manages associated bot infrastructure, data analytics, and security systems.

  • A web interface that allows for easy discovery of Alphaline-issued trading bots. The interface enables users to add bot accounts, view detailed statistics, and track points accrued.

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