alphaliners PFP collection


Who are the alphaliners?

The alphaliners are a collective of alphas who share the vision of empowering communities on Solana. By being an alphaliner you are taking a chance on a relentless hackathon-winning team to bring forward a future where community-empowered trading is the alpha.

alphaliners will spawn by a unique PFP collection mint that will seed & kick-start alphaline and play a key part in the alphaline ecosystem.

Why become an alphaliner?

Mission: contribute to our mission of democratizing access to trading bots for the masses.

Community: enter a gated community of like-minded alphas where you can chill out and exchange alpha.

Staking: staking your alphaliners NFT provides an opportunity to receive a share of all issued Telegram trading bot fees. Issued bots incur a fee of up to 1% per trade, and up to 50% of those fees are shared with Alphaline, of which __% is then distributed proportionally to people who have staked their alphaliner(s).

Partner Rewards: alphaliners NFT holders get access to incentives from partner communities.

Art: you get to show off your alpha-branded pixel art PFPs!

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